La Clef x DOC! x AFIELD present Berbu by Sevinaz Evdike

Sunday, April 14 2024
7:00 pm

DOC! 26 rue du docteur Potain, Paris 19e

La Clef x DOC! x AFIELD present Berbu by Sevinaz Evdike

Sunday April 14, from 7 to 10 pm

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the director in English. The film is exceptionally subtitled in English.


Berbu, 2022, 70′.

In Serekaniye, a town threatened by war, three young Kurdish women, Gule, Barin and Naze, are preparing for the wedding of their dreams. When the first bombs hit the city, they flee Serekaniye, as their destinies change and their dreams are shattered.


Sevinaz Evdike was born in 1992 in Serekaniye, Rojava. She studied filmmaking at the Cigerxwin Academy in Diyarbakir, Turkey. She was co-director of the Rojava Film Commune and, with the collective, received a grant from the AFIELD network in 2020. She also co-founded the Rojava Film Festival and currently works as coordinator of Kezi, a collective of Kurdish and international women filmmakers based in Rojava. This collective trains filmmakers and screens films throughout Rojava, based on the ideology of democratic confederalism, women’s liberation and ecological protection.

Practical info

Venue: DOC! 26 rue du Docteur Potain, 75019 Paris

Times: doors open at 7pm, screening starts at 7:30pm, doors close at 10pm

Price: free admission

Bar: on site (no credit cards)