an international network of cultural changemakers

AFIELD is anchored in the fundamental belief that artists are essential to the fabric of society, as thinkers, visionaries and changemakers. By providing the resources and support, AFIELD believes in their profound capacity to lead transformational change in their communities and society as a whole.


What is AFIELD? by Elisa Cucinelli

AFIELD gives fellowships to artists and cultural practitioners who have initiated social projects catalyzing change and empowering their communities in long-term and tangible ways. 

They are visual artists, filmmakers, choreographers, photographers, actors, writers, curators and journalists who are working beyond their studio for the benefit of communities around the world. 

Apart from providing fellowships, awarded annually and collectively selected by the network, AFIELD also provides other resources in the form of discussions, mutual aid, incubation and community building, to help fellows deepen and strengthen their work in their particular contexts. 

Through its active network, AFIELD facilitates mutual support and collaboration across the globe. In the long run, it enables discourse, theory and the development of infrastructures for socially-engaged practice, through an expanding set of examples of practice “in action”.

AFIELD amplifies creative voices and solutions, with the aim to bring arts and culture to the foreground of social experimentation and international philanthropic thinking.

A girl is standing on a platform in front of a horse-cart and some trees, she is surrounded by other children sitting, laughing and listening as she reads out-loud from a book.

The first library-horsecart in 2021 Fellow Nirwan Arsuka's mobile library network. © Pustaka Bergerak, Indonesia

our journey

AFIELD was conceived as a fellowship for social initiatives from arts and culture in 2014, under the umbrella of the art organization Council. The first fellowships were awarded to choreographer Lia Rodrigues and photographer Zanele Muholi. 

In 2018, a decentralized structure was inaugurated by involving the network through a voting process. The same year, a mentorship program was added to the fellowship, where fellows could become mentors of younger initiatives for one year. 

In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, regular online gatherings of the entire network were initiated. The “Kitchen Calls” are occasions to discuss the program collectively, and share hopes and struggles.

In 2021, the mentorship grew into the study program. Titled “Together”, the first study program was led by Massimiliano Mollona. The same year, individual supporters joined the network and became active participants.

Former team members include Salome Burstein and Luz Angela Hernandez.


A hand holding an old image of a man standing in the door of a Bookshop, in front of the the exact same scene after Wajha have worked with the design for the Bookshop.

New window design for Elmuhtaseb Bookshop, (since 1949) by Wajha. Courtesy of Wajha

governance, funds & support

A facilitation group of 5 members and the team make strategic decisions and lead the program on a day to day basis. The larger network is consulted on matters related to new members election, including the annual fellowship and its related programs. 

Facilitation group: Grégory Castéra, Diana Campbell, Sandra Terdjman, Chantal Wong, Taeyoon Choi. 

Meetings of the network, called “Kitchen calls” happen on a bi-monthly period. They are both informative — sharing news, common interests and challenges — and decision-oriented when it comes to changing the program or electing new members.

AFIELD is funded by AKAT and the TSADIK Foundation and a group of engaged collectors and philanthropists who support the program on an annual basis. They are active members of the network, voting, and contributing with their skills and knowledge.

Supporters: Lauren Bon, Mimi Brown, Lawrence Chu, Haro Cumbusyan, Phillip Keir, Benedicta Badia Northendhal.

In 2022, we were grateful to receive the inaugural Impact Grant from The Supporting Act Foundation, to help cover operational costs and new programming over a two-year period. 

In 2024, we were grateful to receive the support from The Supporting Act Foundation and the Terra Foundation for American Art.

Please, contact us for more information on how to support AFIELD.