Afield is a publisher of resources to help recent grads navigate the future of work

There's a huge gap between traditional education and the modern, non-traditional job market. Afield is dedicated to bridging that gap.

Afield is a project dedicated to publishing helpful and actionable “Afield Guides” for navigating the quickly-changing job market.

In 2018, approximately 9 Million technology jobs went unfilled. Meanwhile, around 5% of college graduates wind up unemployed — and those that can find jobs are often taking low-skill low-pay gigs that don’t exactly match the price tag on their education.

This is a classic pipeline problem. The job market has changed, but the education system hasn’t caught up. More importantly, the culture hasn’t caught up, and young people still feel pressure to follow career paths and strategies that simply don’t exist anymore.

While traditional educational institutions and older generations refuse to acknowledge the problem, solutions are starting to come forward. Some forward-thinking cities like Pittsburg have successfully created local education pipelines that prepare students for practical, high-skill careers in industries like robotics or artificial intelligence.

Online education has exploded as grads realize their $80,000 Psychology degree is unemployable, while an $800 coding bootcamp can place them in the middle-class income bracket within a year.

That said, the internet is also full of misleading or damaging information designed to prey on the desperation of unemployed grads and mid-career professionals in fields being automated out of existance. My goal with Afield is to create better content — the sort of career guidance materials I wish I could have encountered as a recent graduate myself.