Dharmendra Prasad

Harvest School

Asam, India · Visual Arts

Located in Assam and Bihar, Harvest School gathers families, farmers, craftsmen, fishermen, urban youth, and non-human agencies to unlearn imperial attitudes; colonial, nationalistic and industrial practices. The pedagogy revolves around workshops, display, deep observations, actions and toil of the eco – rural contexts(wetlands, forests, agricultural fields, threshing floors and other harvest sites) to experience a non capital ways of living – planting seeds for better future.

Born in Buxar (India) in-between stories, uneducated ancestry, slowness, non-extractive farming processes, rituals, discrimination, hierarchies, chaos and silence, Dharmendra Prasad is an artist who practices between the fields of Ganga, the villages, water bodies, rainforests and the vast community culture of northeast India.

Image courtesy Dharmendra Prasad

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