AFIELD Study #3 Let’s Share! at documenta fifteen

AFIELD Study #3 was structured around the meeting between two groups: grassroots arts initiatives experimenting with alternative economic support structures, and individuals critically reflecting on their role as collectors, patrons or philanthropists. 


Taking part in a larger conversation around the emergence of alternative models of funding schemes for the field of arts and culture, documenta fifteen was the first opportunity for members of our network to sit down and discuss “in real life” how economy impacts their practice.

Historically, the foundations of many emerging arts & economic movements were produced by a series of intense meetings between peers to imagine new ways forward. 


What would an art system, based on cooperation, non-competition, justice, fairness, and representation, look like “in real life”? In this gathering, our network of artists and cultural practitioners, in collectivity and solidarity, brainstorm protocols and relationships that need to be developed to move away from extractive and exploitative funding models towards translocal, decentralised, and sustainable alternatives.