AFIELD Study is a series of co-learning programs led by members of the network on different topics.


Based on closed sessions and public workshops, it seeks to nurture synergies between like-minded practitioners, allowing for mutual exchange of skills and knowledge.




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2022 Let’s Share!

Documenta Fifteen-Kassel-catalogs-collaged with-Ausgmented-reality-jewelry-Pio Abad

Image:  ‘Let's share’ features some documenta fifteen publications laying under the digital artwork that is an iteration of The Collection of Jane Ryan & William Saunders; an ongoing project that traces the contours of Philippine dispossession by reconstructing Imelda Marcos' jewellery collection. It is a collaboration between Afield Advisor Pio Abad and Frances Wadsworth Jones that imagines ways of returning the Marcos jewellery to its rightful owners, the Filipino people. 

AFIELD Study #3 is structured around the meeting between two groups: grassroots initiatives that experiment with alternative support structures, and individuals who critically reflect on their role as collectors, patrons or philanthropists. It is often difficult to think about the big picture and the long term when struggling to ideate in “survival mode”. Our convening hopes to contribute to current debates on resource sharing from a wide array of experiences that allow us to think together about the use of networks such as AFIELD to elaborate sustainable sharing infrastructure. This reunion will be the first one where a number of Afield members will meet “in real life” to celebrate and think together after 3 years of meeting online.

A contribution to the collective Lumbung of Documenta 15, AFIELD Study #3 will explore alternative models of resource sharing based on collective, decentralized and sustainable values.

In 2014, one of the initial impetus to create AFIELD was the necessity to contribute and learn from artists-led social initiatives that are grassroots resources for their communities. In response to the lack of long-term and progressive cultural policies, these artists and cultural practitioners are essential to the fabric of society as they imagine ways to lead transformational change in their communities and society as a whole.  


Through its fellowship and program, AFIELD takes part in a larger conversation around the emergence of an alternative model of funding schemes for the field of arts and culture, of which documenta 15 is the most visible recent manifestation. Translocal, it connects initiatives to share visions and concerns from different local realities to better understand and address international concerns. Decentralized, it engages all members in a collective process of decision making and distribution of resources. Sustainable, it strives to elaborate long term support structures and challenge existing systems. 



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​​The third Afield Study Program titled “Let’s Share!” is a gathering made possible through the collaboration of AFIELD, Delfina Foundation and Documenta 15.


Pio Abad, About a Worker (Kim Hou), Astrobus Ethiopia (Yabebal Fantaye), Binna Choi, FACE (Arman Abedin, Teresa Albor), Alejandra Ballón Gutierrez, Jothashilpa (Shawon Akand), Lumbung Gallery (Lara Khaldi), Giuseppe Micciarelli, Palestine Heirloom Seed Library (Vivien Sansour), Party Office b2b Fadescha (Vidisha-Fadescha), Pustaka Bergerek (Nirwan Ahmad Arsuka), The Question of Funding (Yazan Khalili), ruangrupa (Ade Darmawan, Farid Rakun), Caroline Woolard.


Emilio Alvarez, Haro Cumbusyan, Sigrún Davíðsdóttir, Ileana Nomikos Drinovan, Sarah Elson, Phillip Keir, Martine de Limburg Stirum, Carlos Marsano, Thibault Poutrel, Nadia and Rajeeb Samdani, Andre Zivanari


AFIELD (Olivia Alvarez, Diana Campbell, Grégory Castéra, Luz-Angela Hernandez, Benedicta Badia Nordenstahl, Abi Tariq, Sandra Terdjman, Chantal Wong) and the Delfina Foundation (Aaron Cezar, Salma Tuqan)