Zikri Rahman

Librarians of Nusantara; Unite!

Malaysia · Cultural Management

Librarians of Nusantara; Unite! is a platform to interrogate multiple forms and strategies of identified independent libraries networks in Southeast Asia. By observing their intricate relationships, the platform will allow further dissection of the genealogical and socio-historical process affecting the politics of knowledge in the region, from discourses formations, collaborative potentialities to the unconventional roles of libraries.

By creating a translocal collaboration, it hopes to expand the prospect of such a critical ecosystem to thrive and further foster diverse networks and groups in creating space for critical mass empowerment and democratization.

Zikri Rahman Afield Peer 2020

Buku Jalanan (Libros a la calle) gathering. Courtesy of AFIELD Peer Zikri.

Zikri Rahman consistently embark in diverse interdisciplinary socio-political and various cultural activism projects. Buku Jalanan; a project co-founded in 2011 as a cultural workers collective and community based cultural literacy initiative focusing on decentralising the modes of knowledge production. The idea has now spread out to more than 90 different locations and been adopted by hundreds of autonomous cultural workers worldwide.

Other than that, he is also the festival director for the inaugural Idearaya Festival; a festival of ideas to celebrate progressive and dynamic discourses within vibrant and diverse grassroots community, intelligentsia, civil society and community organizer in Southeast Asia.

Apart from that, Zikri is also a writer, independent researcher, translator and podcaster for various online portals such as Projek Dialog, Jalan Telawi and Roket Kini. Currently, he is doing a cultural and literary mapping project of Kuala Lumpur through the lenses of literature with LiteraCity.


Zikri Rahman AFIELD Peer 2020. Courtesy of Zikri.