Sinkneh Eshetu

Fruitycity Children's World

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia · Writing

Sinkneh Eshetu is a published author and a landscape architect. His writing focuses on the reading and interpretation of cultural landscapes, approaching cultural and natural paradigms as a way of preserving and promoting indigenous culture and heritage, and exalting the resilience of the human spirit.

In the past years, he has developed a project entitled Fruiticity, to respond to the lack of resources in schools in Ethiopia. Fruitycity is an imaginary children’s world where children are leaders. It uses art, architecture and storytelling, in the context of city building, to motivate young people to play leading roles in transforming the quality of their education and their living and learning environments. Fruiticity already exists through a large group of children across 5 schools in Addis Ababa. With the digitization of the project, it will soon reach a wider community across the country.

Sinkneh Eshetu Afield Peer 2020

Sinkneh Eshetu Afield Peer 2020

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