Moukhtar Kocache

Lebanon · Philanthropy

Moukhtar Kocache (Beirut, 1970) is an independent advisor and consultant with expertise in curatorial practice, media, philanthropy, and cultural and civil society development. He was Program Officer at the Ford Foundation’s regional office in Cairo (2004-2012). He is the co-founder of Rawa: Creative Palestinian Communities Fund, a participatory initiative that supports Palestinian grassroots to creatively solve community development challenges. He also programs and manages a cluster of grants that support alternative and emerging media platforms and media reform agendas, as well as a cluster of grants that support the development of local philanthropy in the MENA region. He holds a BA in International Relations with a focus on diplomacy in the Eastern Mediterranean and an MA in Art History & Nonprofit Management. He currently divides his time between New York, Paris, and Istanbul.

Moukhtar Kocache Afield Advisor

Moukhtar Kocache.

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