Marta Lança

BUALA - Cultural Association

Lisbon, Portugal · Journalism

Marta Lança is a Portuguese journalist, translator, editor and producer. Having widely written for the Portuguese mainstream press (Público, Diário de Notícias, Le Monde Diplomatique, LER), Lança was chief-editor of V-Ludo cultural magazine (2000-01). These editing experiences lead her to Cape Verde, where she launched cultural magazine Dá Fala, support by Gulbenkian and IPAD (2004). From that period on, Lança’s focus has turned into contemporary culture in African Portuguese-speaking countries.

In 2010, she is the cofounder and Chief-Editor of BUALA, an open-access website that provides a digital home for multiple voices from Africa, Brazil, Europe and beyond. It is a transdisciplinary platform that explores the synergies between art, theory, and activism with an explicit postcolonial / decolonial agenda that maintains an archive of more than four thousand texts.

Marta Lança Afield Peer 2020

Marta Lança Afield Peer 2020