Kathrin Böhm

Company Drinks

United Kingdom · Visual Arts

Company Drinks (since 2014) is a drinks company based on community economies values. The “company” is an expanding network of users, collaborators and partners, who encourage each other to re-imagine new ways of working, trading and existing together. The Centre for Plausible Economies (together with Kuba Szreder) is an associated platform for mapping and reimagining economic systems, in the arts and beyond.

The Rural School of Economics is a multilingual, inter-generational and trans-local cultural infrastructure, to make visible and connect rural knowledge and practices, with a focus on land-use, drawing as language and feminist economies. It was set up and is run by Wapke Feenstra and Kathrin, both founders of Myvillages.

Image courtesy Jennifer Balcombe

Image courtesy Dominick Tyler, 2022

Kathrin Böhm is a British-German artist operating in and outside of the art world, and her work supports and enables practices of commoning and the collective (re-)production of public space.

Kathrin Böhm in her studio in Hackney. April 2019. Image courtesy Dominick Tyler.

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