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Basta Theatre

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Basta Theatre is an independent community-based theatre and artistic platform launched in Jerusalem in 2015. It consists of young Palestinian activists who decided to face fragmentation with mobility, bureaucracy with simplicity, and challenges with continuity. Between experimentation, social work, and artistic protest, Basta community works on implementing their artistic interventions in the public sphere in Palestine and abroad. They promote the importance of artistic independence and its role in initiating dialogues, and sociopolitical change. Currently, the Basta Theatre is active between Jerusalem, Ramallah and Berlin.

Hussam Ghosheh Afield Peer 2020

Sharaf Basta performance, 2019 in Ramallah.

Hussam Ghosheh (1989) is a writer and theatre activist who lives and works in Ramallah and Jerusalem. He is the initiator and the artistic director of Basta Theatre. His artistic practice consists in employing the arts, especially theatre, in societal change and informal education, presenting his works in the streets and public spaces in Palestine and abroad, on stage, and digital media.

Working across participatory and non-formal educational methodologies, his work explores new ways of addressing social issues and affecting social change through arts and creative practices. Through his long-term commitment in cultural and artistic activism, he contributes to developing community- based artistic platforms for safe self-expression and community empowerment.

Hussam Ghosheh Afield Peer 2020

Hussam Ghosheh.

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