FAFSWAG Queer Indigenous Arts


Auckland, New Zealand · Visual Arts

Operating across a multitude of interdisciplinary art forms and genres, FAFSWAG artists work collaboratively to activate public and digital space, speaking to their contexts as Queer Indigenous arts practitioners. In the 30 years of homosexual law reform within Aotearoa, the Pasifika and Moana Oceania peoples continue to experience marginalisation and discrimination.

Recognising that there is no archive that allows Pasifika young people to learn about their queer history in Aotearoa, FAFSWAG conceived the initiative DIGITAL GAFA. The project aims to create an online portal and community / artist archive that chronicles the last 70 years of local history allowing them to locate their identity within a broader culture, feeling connected to a community, and breaking intergenerational cycles of isolation.

FAFSWAG Afield Peer 2020

Courtesy FAFSWAG.