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Image courtesy Raouf haj Yahya

Animator, producer and trainer Basel Nasr has been awarded the 2022 AFIELD Fellowship for the initiative The Animated Workshop, to encourage collective production practices and to motivate young people to acquire animation skills as a powerful tool for storytelling and self expression, in Ramallah, Palestine.

With very few animators working in the field due to a lack of facilities and expertise, animation is still perceived by many as a medium for children. In Palestine, the true potential of this art form is therefore yet to be realised.

The Animated Workshop is a space for learning, experimenting, and producing knowledge through collective animation production. The studio provides space, equipment and guidance through workshops and training courses. It seeks to contribute to the art of animation as a whole, by developing authentic Palestinian animation, and spreading Palestinian stories to the world.

2022 Basel Nasr - Palestine

Basel Nasr (Palestine) is an animator and producer who, with almost 18 years working in the field of new media and visual design, has also been a trainer and participated in various initiatives and collectives contributing to building a strong network of artists, craftsmen and technicians. Together they have created many animation videos dealing with social and political issues.

Through Almasna, Basel and his collaborators have organized many activities around animation, workshops in villages and refugee camps, animation film screenings in different cultural institutions, and discussion around the animation industry and its potential in Palestine and beyond.

Qattan Foundation and Basel Nasr

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