Abi Tariq

AFIELD Program / Community Manager

France · Visual Arts

Abi works at the heart of the AFIELD, facilitating knowledge and skill exchanges between members of the network through programs and community building strategies. As an artist Abi’s conceptual practice confronts issues of power, privilege, vulnerability, and social expectation through performance art. In 2017, with the support of the Cité Internationale des Arts, he designed the role-playing performance Middle-Man to bring works by French artists Virgile Fraisse, (La) Horde, and Jean Hubert to the first Karachi Biennale. In 2018 he represented France in the Erasmus+ program Culture Backstage and since 2014 has collaborated closely with Australian artist Honi Ryan’s international performance project, the Silent Dinners. Abi has an MFA from Transart Institute (Berlin/NY) and a BFA from L’École Parsons in Paris (now Paris College of Art).

Abi Tariq Afield Team Communications Coordinator

Abi Tariq

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