From precarity to interdependence, book launch and talk

Organised by AFIELD and TEAMeD/Université Paris VIII, together with Kathrin Böhm, Doina Petrescu and Kuba Szreder


On Thursday, January 25, from 7 to 9pm at KADIST Paris

To register, please RSVP to (subject to availability)


This double book launch will feature two recent publications: Kathrin Böhm’s Art on the Scale of Life and Kuba Szreder’s The ABC of the projectariat. Both authors tackle practical, conceptual and political questions regarding the living and working in a precarious art world. They not only offer a set of coordinates to navigate the perilous waters of global art worlds, but also imagine other ways of enacting artistic economies – more interdependent, inclusionary, and just.


Doina Petrescu will begin the evening with reflections on modes of composting present in Kathrin Böhm’s artistic practice, unpicking the variety of meanings associated with this rather agrarian term. She will discuss “turning the pile” as a concept driving commoning, collectivity and criticality. Doina will also present her recent publication Live Act: 10 Questions for the Future Here and Now (2023).


The evening continues with Szreder’s aleatoric performance based on randomly selected entries from The ABC of the projectariat. The performance will be followed by a joint discussion and further exploration of key terms that are regularily used by all three speakers, such as precarity, interdependence, imaginary futures and diverse economies. All books will be on display, some will be for sale.