‘Diasporic Frequencies: Sacred Ecopoetics’ by Awa Konaté

Jeannette Ehlers, We’re Magic. We’re Real (From sunset to sunrise), #10, 2020-2021 © Christian Brems

2020 AFIELD Peer Awa Konaté will participate in a conversation salon as part of the ‘Conversations Across Generosity’ program, which is based on the current exhibition at Rønnebæksholm. The exhibition entitled ‘Diasporic Frequencies: Sacred Ecopoetics’ is co-curated by Awa Konaté herself and will be on display until February 18th, 2024.


The salon is dedicated to exploring our connection with both our colonial past and present, highlighting the educational potential inherent in artistic practices, experiences, and the diaspora.


Contributors to this conversation include Jeannette Ehlers, Lydia Östberg Diakité, Awa Konaté, and Mai Takawira. The event ‘The Artistic Potential of the Diaspora’ is scheduled for Saturday, November 25, from 2 to 5pm and will be conducted in Danish. Participation to the event is free when admission is charged.