Artists as Changemakers – Art Basel HK 2024

Taeyoon Choi in collaboration with Chancey Fleet, Jonathan Dahan, Jerron Herman, Tiri Kananuruk, stud1nt, and students from the School for Poetic Computation. Distributed Web of Care, Whitney Museum of American Art, 2019. Photo by Filip Wolak.

Saturday 30 March


Location: Art Basel Hong Kong, Auditorium, N101B, Level 1, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre




Organized in conjunction with Art Basel Hong Kong, this discussion seeks to examine how artists develop community-focused projects and initiatives that use their skills and relationships as creative practitioners to address the needs of their communities. How can artists contribute to the social fabric of the societies they are a part of, and what does it take to make a difference in the lives of others?


Panelists: Taeyoon Choi, Martha Atienza, Tozer Pak Sheung Chuen and Cherry Chan ; moderated by Chantal Wong


Martha Atienza is a Dutch Filipino video artist exploring the format’s ability to document and question issues related to the environment, community, and development.


Taeyoon Choi is an artist, educator and organizer who explores the poetics of science, society, and human relations. As an artist, he works with technology and drawing, oftentimes in collaboration with fellow artists and the disability community.


Tozer Pak Sheung Chuen (visual artist) and Cherry Chan (cultural producer and chairperson of Renaissance Foundation Hong Kong) are co-founders of HASS Lab, a collective of artists and producers dedicated to advocating art and artist thinking as a new way of understanding and valuing society.


Chantal Wong combines contemporary art and education to build communities and create impact. She is Convenor for AFIELD and a Global Fellow with Ford Foundation.


This talk will be conducted in English, with simultaneous interpretation available in Cantonese and Mandarin.


Photo: Taeyoon Choi, Distributed Web of Care, Whitney Museum of American Art, 2019