AFIELD Study 2022 I The Construction of Ableism, Day 2

PHYSICAL TO DIGITAL SPACE w/ Smita Chakraburtty and Luvia Nisaye.


Smita Chakraburtti (Rajasthan), founder of PAAR: Prison Aid + Action Research, advocates for making open prisons a norm in the country. Open prisons are defined as jails in which the prisoners are trusted to complete sentences with minimal supervision and perimeter security and are often not locked up in their prison cells.

Luvia Nisaye (Oaxaca/ Toronto) talks about ‘Healing our relationship with Education’ and the power of translating overcomplicated knowledge and digital experiences to folks that otherwise would find themselves excluded.

Led by Chantal Wong, AFIELD Study 2022, titled ‘The Construction of Ableism’, invited practitioners to share examples of ‘ableism’ in their own field of practice and responses to it with a focus outside of Europe and North America. The program aimed to foster awareness about the inherent ableist structures that we live in and perpetuate.


* We acknowledge and apologize for the inaccuracy of the closed captioning. We endeavor to improve this in future programs.