AFIELD Study 2022 I The Construction of Ableism, Day 1

HISTORY, INSTITUTIONS, LANGUAGE w/ Amanda de Sá Paschoal, Leroy F Moore Jr and Sophie Cheung.


Amanda de Sa Paschoal (Brasília) talks about her efforts to expand the visibility of neurodiverse people through training, education, and social media projects;

Leroy F Moore (Los Angeles) is one of the founders of Krip Hop, a movement that uses hip-hop music as a means of expression for people with disabilities. Leroy F Moore Jr discusses his efforts to address the omissions within academia in the US.

Sophie Cheung (London/Hong Kong) is an activist and artist who works in the arts and human rights sectors. She has specialized in UNCRPD (The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) engagement since 2012 and she has struggled with the language of legalistic morality beyond mental incapacitation.

Led by Chantal Wong, AFIELD Study 2022, titled ‘The Construction of Ableism’, invited practitioners to share examples of ‘ableism’ in their own field of practice and responses to it with a focus outside of Europe and North America. The program aimed to foster awareness about the inherent ableist structures that we live in and perpetuate.


* We acknowledge and apologize for the inaccuracy of the closed captioning. We endeavor to improve this in future programs.