AFIELD gathering in Hong Kong with BOLOHO Collective

Image: Video still from BOLOHOPE (2022). Boloho Collective


Friday, March 24, 2-6pm
Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong


AFIELD gathering at ‘Surviving and Chilling 03’ by BOLOHO Collective


AFIELD peers Di Liu and Xiaotian of Reading Room in Guangzhou, will be co-hosting Surviving and Chilling 03 with BOLOHO collective, a cooking and sharing gathering at BOLOHO’s exhibition, BOLOHOPE, at Hanart TZ Gallery, in Hong Kong on 24th March, during the week of Art Basel Hong Kong. The third of a ‘performative project’ series by BOLOHO and friends, Surviving and Chilling 03 informally brings together guests and friends to share cooking skills and survival strategies.


This event will be joined by AFIELD members; Advisor Farid Rakun (ruangrupa); and Convener Chantal Wong.


Should you be in Hong Kong during Art Week, join this gathering and meet some AFIELD faces in person. It will be a wonderful opportunity to support and extend our collective values towards larger visions of communal and social change.


This event is free and open to the public

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