Huangbian Station (HB Station)

Soeng Joeng Toi

Guangzhou, China · Curating

Soeng Joeng Toi (SJT) is a decentralised, co-governed, multifunctional open space and collaborative platform initiated by HB Station in 2016. It stems from the needs of artists for mutual perception/practice space, and this requirement has been tested in the Banyan Travel Agency project.

Located in an easily accessible residential community in central Guangzhou, in the form of a grocery store, bar, and shared living room, it provides a relaxing place for individuals to connect and re-imagine a form of consensus-based public life that breathes in the gaps of social institutions.

Afield Peer 2021

The exterior space of SJT. Courtesy of Wang Chao.

HB Station is a non-profit art organization founded in 2012. At the interplay of research and practice, they build a collaborative work and knowledge-exchange platform for contemporary scenarios exploring new art and educational approaches in China. They advocate self-organization through mobile exhibitions, workshops, publishing, curatorial research, and residencies.

HB Station adopts a researcher/membership system and recruits researchers and members every 18 months. We encourage participants to initiate practice/research/exhibition projects and self-organization, to build a framework that will effectively stimulate creativity together.

HB Station Afield Peer 2021

The Reading Room of HB Station. Courtesy of HB Station.