Afield is working to bridge the gap between higher education and high-paying jobs

Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional education and a non-traditional job market.

Who is behind Afield?

I started writing Afield Guides because I was frustrated by the US higher education system.

Some of the most successful people in the world hold “useless” degrees like History and Liberal Arts. Unfortunately, most humanities majors don’t share their success. The traditional education system does not introduce students to emerging careers or self-marketing strategies that actually work.

As a college graduate, I was fortunate to quickly rise from barely supporting myself as a freelancer to securing a high-paying corporate job within only four years. However, most of my peers haven’t been so lucky. I often find myself fielding questions like “how do I get into tech?” or “How do I market myself in a competative field?”

I didn’t figure it out myself, and it was only through lucky encounters with mentors and non-academic teachers that I was able to figure out how to market myself and convince companies to hire me… even though I had little more than “a useless English degree.”

Afield Guides is my attempt to distil the lessons I’ve learned, and help recent grads avoid unemployment and find a practical career that pays well.

Why did you make this website?

I believe there’s a huge gap between what’s being taught in schools and what’s practical for modern employment. I see lots of friends who are ridiculously smart with high educations failing to get their foot in the door at tech companies that could use them, if they could only get a few basic skills added to their resume.

Afield is the sort of resource I wish I had encountered when I was 21.